Jian Cao

Senior Researcher
Jian Cao

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FSU Center for Economic Forecasting and Analysis
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3200 Commonwealth Blvd Suite 130

Jian Cao holds a doctorate degree in Economics from Florida State University. Before commencing his graduate studies at Florida State University, Jian obtained his M.A degree in Financial Engineering from China University of Mining and Technology (Beijing) and then worked in Beijing Compass Technology Co. Ltd. There, he focused on the study of stock price trend and large data analysis, contributing to several stock market indices developed in the analysis sector. Then he came to the U.S to pursue higher level graduate study and obtained his M.S degree in Economics from Florida State University. His research interests relate to Econometrics, Statistical Modeling, Large Data Analysis, Missing Data Imputation, Markov Chain Monte Carlo, Machine Learning and Financial Economics. He grew up in Ping Dingshan, a coal resources city in the middle part of China, and enjoys photography, guitar, basketball and traveling.