Mary Alice Ward

Budget Manager
Mary Alice Ward

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In 1985, Mary began working at FSU as a Data Entry Operator.  In 1992, she accepted a position at the FSU Purchasing Department as a Program Assistant.  Her duties were to perform all phases of the Bid Section (prepare bids, quote, addendum, advertising bids, etc.). These functions also included providing assistance to others: with Omni Training in the Purchasing Computer Lab, with other Omni System functions, with entering requisitions, receiving, change orders, RTV'S, canceling Purchase Orders, Parature Ticket Team, and troubleshooting. In addition, she was responsible for maintaining & posting bids and awards of bid tabulation sheet results to the web.  She retired for the first time, on June 30, 2014, after thirty years with FSU. She returned to FSU, in October 2015, to further enhance and develop her skillset, as a Budget Manager and Departmental Representative, for FSU CEFA.